Equitable Sliding Scale Pricing

ALK Consulting strives to make education accessible to organizations of all sizes, while compensating individuals for their expertise and lived experience. Therefore, our services are offered at a sliding scale based on your organization’s resources and position of privilege.

When you receive a proposal from ALK Consulting, you will be provided three suggested cost tiers. All organizations are encouraged to use this opportunity to analyze their position of privilege and use the guidelines below to determine how much you will invest in the workshop.


Operating budget up to $1 million

Highest-paid staff member (FTE) is paid less than $70,000 annually

Majority of organization's work is done by volunteers

There is minimal gap between your highest- and lowest- paid staff member

Organization is committed to grassroots community-building and system disruption,

Decision-making power led by and involves BIPOC, immigrant, disabled, and/or LGBTQ+ individuals


Operating budget between $1 and $5 million 

Highest-paid staff member (FTE) is paid between $70,000 and $150,000 annually

Organization aligns with some statements in both the Community or Liberation tiers, or neither


Operating budget over $5 million

Highest-paid staff member (FTE) is paid over $150,000 annually

Majority of organization's work is done by paid staff

There is a considerable pay gap between your highest- and lowest- paid staff member

Organization benefits from an endowment with no plans to spend down beyond federal tax requirements

Decision-making power is predominantly white-identified, able-bodied, and/or cisgender

Why do you use sliding scale pricing?

The workshops offered by ALK Consulting have been built on hours of research and learning, years of lived experience, input of other community members, and consistent emotional energy to result in comprehensive, relevant material for participants. Simply: I put my heart into every workshop and that heart requires compensation. 

However, what is reasonable for some, may be unrealistic for others. The reality is that organizations, like people, benefit from heteronormativity, cis-sexism, white supremacy, nonprofit industrial complex, and other forms of privilege that creates unequal opportunity. By offering an equitable, sliding scale pricing model, I am working to break down barriers to education based on the resources of each organization.

Therefore, when an organization invests at the Liberation tier, they are supporting the ability for organizations, especially those which as working to dismantle and disrupt systems of privilege, to participate at the Community tier.

I developed my model based on the insights and examples provided by Coactive Change, Worts & Caring Apothecary, Chynna, AORTA, and Transgender Training Institute

Do you accept commission/percentage-based grant clients?

No. Commission/percentage-based fundraising brings up numerous ethical concerns, which are highlighted across the industry, including in the Association of Fundraising Professionals Code of Conduct. In brief, this practice can negatively impact the likelihood of grant-funding (funders seldom will cover fundraising costs) and donor trust, may unreasonably reward a consultant (going against the charitable nature of nonprofits),  and may result in unpaid labor.